is social start-up developing a tablet (smartphone) application (actual only for Android) for diagnosis and re-education of learning disabilities.

Our goal is to focus on learning disabilities like dysorthographia and dyslexia, especially on re-education of their key partial deficits by providing professional tool using tablet or smartphone. Cloud storage and web browser interface for special educators, schools and other re-educational institutions would offer full statistics, administration and remote intervention to children. Saving time of special educator teachers and automation of some exercises would allow access to professional special care to more children with learning disabilities – that means greater and more affective impact on this group of pupils.

Simpler and free “home” version would help parents with children with learning disabilities to support and intervene even without deep understanding of problem. Successful first months and years of schooling determine future achievements of every child and this app would improve overcoming problems, which can be easily automated and treated.

Mobile operator company O2 supported (slovak link) the development of our idea and help in the education of disadvantaged groups through its foundation as part of the 2018 call. Thank you!

Stop by for a cup of coffee at our headquarters or send us an email for more information.